"The goal of ModernBOX is to get you an amazing custom built home at a fraction
of the cost of conventional techniques." 


Dubra Transport & Containers Ltd. believes in the idea of being "green" so much that we are excited to announce our building construction company with the opening of modernBOX Containers Inc.


modernBOX builds custom shipping containers for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. With small projects being built now we are gearing up for an upcoming residential build.

We have an elite team of design, engineering, idealists and tradesman to get any job done on time and on budget.The owners are directly involved in all day to day activities and progress to keep your dream a reality.

The goal of modernBOX is to get you a amazing custom built home at a fraction of the cost of conventional techniques.


Featured Projects:

Birchbox Projects
Hair cutting and braiding pop-up container used at festivals and benefiting refugees. Completed May 2018.
Look for it at local festivals!


Woodhouse Pizza & Chicken
Fairford MB. Completed in 2017.